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Through 22 years of development, Tianxiang makes great progress in compatible printer consumable production. Now it boasts production lines of ribbons, ink cartridges, toners, etc. Located near Shanghai, Tianxiang enjoys remarkable advantage and convenience in exporting.

The garden-styled industry is consisted of five centers: production, marketing, QC, R&D, and administration centers. The production center is made up of five departments: inkjet cartridge, ribbon, toner cartridge, mould and molding. Upholding to the idea of “sky-flying”, every Tianxiang man is determined to pursue high quality and a sound brand name. As a ISO 9001 certified company, Tianxiang wins recognition and trust from customers at home and abroad.

Being since-and- innovation oriented, Tianxiang has earned totals such as “model enterprise of intellectual patent”, “technology research and development center” and “high-tech enterprise”. Newly upgraded Tiaxiang products are more environmental-and –user-friendly, which gives us opportunities to establish win-win relationships with wholesalers from over sixty countries and places.


From R&D to mould-molding, production and quality control, Tianxiang men make every step by their won, which gives Tianxiang products competitive price and high quality. With scientific and human-based management, Tianxiang members walk toward success as a unity.

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